May 16, 2005

Been an eventful day...

Today woke up at 10am.. same thing la.. arose to my dad's shouting

sigh.. sumtimes tinkin when will all these end.. or rather when will i end...hahaha

then went for mornin devotion.. last 5mins...hahaha

then went into service lor..

aso wanted to sleep abit b4 service.. then swee swee the band got 15mins of rest.. so gatehred ard talk some nonsense as usual..Wahaha

Afternoon spent some good time catching up with jacob and jeremy and jiahao & jason.. hmm interestin eh.. all names start with 'J's

Evenin time the gang celebrated my birthday at Cafe Cartel...hahaha

By the time i reach hoem already 10plus liaos...

Fell asleep while watching survival sunday EPL

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