May 17, 2005

Today's a kinda sad day for me la...

Went out early in the mornin as usual for a early meeting in shenton way..

Then got a call form my mum that my dad is warded at TTSH.. i was tinkin why sia.. he go bash sum1 up issit..

My mum say he was shoutin alot today mornin and tink he irked some neighbours.. and they decided to do it.. so guess he was cautioned.. then somemore he today got medical appt with his doctor..

sigh... anyway i rush to hospital already 12++ .. then saw him being admited.. nurse told me he would be bound up if he shows any tnge of violence.. i was tinkin, you might as well cage him up...

I ended up the whole day at hospital.. din work at all TODAY..

at nite aso cannot sleep much coz feeling lousy over ny dad issue

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