June 12, 2005

It's been almost 6 mths since Xmas 2004. The overwhelming feeling of loss still haunts and follows me like my shadow never leaving me for a moment.. It's like a ant bite that never subsides.. Wherever I go, whatever the time of the day is, I still miss her. Being alone and left to your own thots and memories is a dangerous thing, depending on the circumstances.

And with me, it sure is..

I once told a fren, i lost my heart that day we splitted.. why she asked.. i said i gave her my whole heart.. she chose to threw it away..

Sumtimes I wonder if I would feel better if she just asked me to jump off a bldg and die.

Actually i'm very jaded towards this whole darn thing that i just can't be bothered anymore.

am i a loser again.. shites.. i tink i m losing it again.. losing my mind..

Whatever it is, all positive feelings she's ever had towards me has gone down the drain. It has made her very cold towards me, like those cliched merciless assassins you see in movies .. u jknow those 'trained-to-kill' typos - friggin cold but damn bloody effective.

One will only cherish after losing the person.

How very true. How very cliched .

And by then, it will be too late. It is just too late.. simply late..

In my words, itz worse to be late than never arriving

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