June 10, 2005

Why is it that whenever you like someone

U always tend to:

> Think she is too good for u.. so pretend to be frenz

> Come up with rubbish excuses y u should not get involved with her

> Tink abt her u wake up / b4 u sleep & when u've nothin else to think abt

> Alwaz there when she needs u but u never(ever) tell her that u like her.. furthermore when u need her, u just keep quiet...

> Don't do anything till it's too late... ...

Wad's the point? Am i a wuss or wat... am i still hanging on to the impossible... why ami still bothered by all these.. maybe itz because i caught a glimpse of her again... she never fails to create a ripple effect o nmy heart.. whichn i thot was stilled.. yet it could be stirred by a simple galimpse of her and her smile.. sighh..

1 comment:

Joel said...

No shit!!!

Are u my evil friend!!!!!!!