June 23, 2005

Werk, activities and flurry of events r just ways of maskin our insecurities & problems & worries & wat-eva-u-call-it.

They take things off your minds but that does not mean it is solved. There are still things that i have to find the root of the problem and stop it from becoming worse..

Henceforth sweepin under the carpet is not a good idea.. neither is PROCRASINATION... one of my personal favourites..

why m i broaching on such a topic.. sum might ask.. well.. i dunno.. i really dunno.. maybe it's the fever.. maybe itz the cough.. maybe it's the freakin dripping nose... maybe it is SARs... juz kidding la..

anyway been feelin kinda low lately.. work problems.. relationship problems (there's always a problem when u r single and approachin 30s.. accordin to my mum).. family problems..

but lookin on the bright side.. i juz had a darn cheerful email form my manager.. she's calculating a payout of 2mths salary + 1mth notice in lieu + 34 days of unconsumed annual leave.. so all in all i be getting a fat cheuqe at end this month.. kool rite..

now tinkin of hwo to enjoy myself in bangkok for a week.. tinkin of going down for a trip to go SPAs, discos, pubs, suppers.. warrau eh.. tink already aso cannot tahan..

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