August 4, 2005

Dun catch the show isle okay... i caught it.. tink itz quite bad lor... dunno why it was not as good as the preview i guessed...

7 swords were Fantastic leh.. caught it in KL.. somemroe i caught it in cantonese.. so it was actually superb.. the fightin scenes were quite well done.. i liked it alot..

I read the online papers earlier... saw somthing which irked me..

the govt is moving to ban smokin in public areas...

Damn... firstly i dun tink itz possible to fully enforce this ban without the singaporean "fine" element being involved again as singaporeans have this inate fear of being fined.. and the best part is they get to enlarge our coffers for the Project:Gamblin-2009.. haha

i dun tink the govt is movin to eradicate the second hand smoke thingy lor..though who m i to question the almighty Govt.. But heck, i'm a human being created by God to use my bloody blain.. damn.. i love the last 2 words.. my encik used to say "Can u use ur Bloody Blains".. hahaha... okay okay.. deviate liaos.. beta get back..

Personally i tink itz more in terms of the amt of taxes they can increase in the years to come (tink revenue) and to make smoking into a luxury good.. no longer a poor man's habit.. Tink abt it, gone were the days when pple say smokin is to kill time and stress and boredom.. Nowadays pple worry abt between eating a proper meal or buying a packet of fags..

i seriously tink that we as humans have our rite to smoke as much as those who have a rite not to.. But i tink a compromise can be reached.. this way..

Non-smokers, Puhlease get urself a freakin N95 mask and get lost !!!

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