August 6, 2005

This marks a year of pain, hurt & emotional topsy turvy which i've never felt so intensely before with another homo-sapien..

Every now and then, i would look at my Aug calendar and see that name staring back at me. All I have of her is memories of us. She moved house, changed HP number. Heck, tink the only thing she din change is her heart...Wahahaha.. For all i know its has been changed too.

Its her birthday soon, 3 days to be exact..10 Aug. It was also our first date. Another lamer excuse by me to date her out.

She existed in my circles for less than a year but yet she had left a very deep impression on me. One cut so deep that that i was hung out to dry.

I still remember the very words she said to me and it still lingers in my mind with a bitter aftertaste.

Between then and now i have seen her afew times. Mostly were from a distance. I stood from opposite her school to catch a glimpse of her going home in a cab. I stood 2 streets away from her office entrance to see if she has a umbrella. I walked on the opposite street at nite to make sure no harm fell to her.

Am i dumb.
Am i stoopid.

My heart feels thrashed and ripped even as i m typin this.. many pple tinks i m dumb.. many thot i was dumped by her.. wat is the truth behind this all.. i am too tired to tink of it again.. to rake up the emotional turmoil again.. lets just eat drink and be merry..

Yes i admit that i still miss her.

1 more year to go. I doubt she remembers what i promised her. But i will remain true to my word. Man of Honour.


curious george said...

hey, you went off so early from wala last nite and you din reply my sms??

will catch up again soon,OK?

i wana watch 7 swords but not with you cos you've already watched it :P

take care.

Anonymous said...

sound like a stalker