August 14, 2005


A man walks into an adult entertainment shop and asks the assistant for an inflatable doll.
"Would you like male or female?"
"Female, please."
"Would you like Black, or White?"
"White, please."
"Would you like Christian or Muslim?"
This question confused the man . . . and he replied, "What has the religion got to do with it? It's an inflatable doll!"

"Well," explained the assistant, "The Muslim one blows itself up."


hahaha... juz a joke i got off an email.. thot it was funny.. but in retro spect of the bombings recenlty maybe not..

but i guess all these things teach us a fair bit on moderation eh

Moderation is needed in all things nowsadays.. in food we take, in things we speak abt, in blogs we write... we wouldn't wanna get into trouble would we ?

i tink personally i learnt alot on moderation thru my 6 days stay in TTSH... moderate in all my food taking.. no more binging on food & booze anymore... have to rehabilatate my body for now at least... hahaha

so i am pledging to give up the 2 seemingly biggest vice in my life.. i tink peepur closer to me would know..

so from now on is " Eat less & Drink lesser "


curious george said...

ok, no more wala and dinner meet ups but movie meet ups should be safe, right?

take care.

Ah 9 said...

get well soon yah!!?