August 13, 2005

Been away from work & PC for like almost a week... Well... wat to blog... dunno also..

Maybe blog abt why i'm away for so long bah...

I was actually admitted to TTSH on sunday afternoon... but due to my heavy work load, i kinda AOR-ed myself.. meanin that i signed a letter of indemity to the hospital and promised to check myself in on the followin day..

it was kinda interestin as durin my stay there, i met up with at least 8 different doctors who had 8 different opinions abt my ailments... at a point in time.. i thot i macham almost died.. from listenin to them..

after countless of blood tests and pee-in tests & i had the horror of insertin a scope into me stomach thru my throat..

so verdict is.. .. i m obese.. hahaha

interestin point eh.. so the docs want em to lose 2 kg per month.. lolx.. is it possible ??

live & let live

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