November 6, 2005

Had a week long vacation to Taipei.. Noticed i used vacation.. so this menas this time round.. its not work related at all..

Day One..

After the Halloween party with the Barflies, i din managed to sleep lor.. so ended up sleeping thru out the flight... w/o even writing in the white card.. arrived in taipei via jetstar 3K521.. okay lah.. din use anytin on this leg of the journey.. so dunno how good the stewardess are...
Took a cab to hotel in Ximenting.. costed me NT1200.. then putting down my stuff, headed down to Shih Lin Nite Market via their MRT.. queued up for the big chicken chop.. took pictures of the nite market.. went walking around.. taking taipei nite scenes fotos.. Headin back to hotel to plan for things to do on nx dae liaos

Day Two..

Woke up at 750am... first word was Shites... why.. coz i am supposed to meet a tour group at 8am for a tour to visit the northern coastal areas for a scenic tour... in the end i made it down much to the chargrin of the driver and tour guide.. tour was short & curt.. lousy tour guide... gonna write email to his boss tomolo to complain abt him... then in the afternoon went to eat at Dian Shui Lou aka Din Tai Feng... Then went shopping in this place called Hou Che Zhan.. where they sell those handfone accessories & all those cute cute anime stuff lor... at nite had a early nite...

Day Three

Woke up again at 7am to go for touring..Met 2 sg girls.. This day was tiring beyond words..... really... morning ate dou jiang you tiao... then we had long feng jiao.. a sausage with fish maw and spring onions & carrots...then we had taiwan bao and shao bin... dinner had beef noodles.... wah lau... very heavy day... ate alot... went back to hotel already 10+++

Day Four

The 2 girls jio for shopping and touring... we went to National Museum in the morning.. then went to TAIPEI101... then tak boleh tahan liaos... took a cab to dan shui... the 2 girls on the way there... very funny... fell asleep in the cab... their posture were like macham talking till they slept like that...haha... then we had a walk in the Yu Ren Harbour... i took a nice pic fo the setting sun... then we had dinner on the shophouse with a clear and open sky... though i managed to see 1 solitary star only... At nite went to shih lin market again... came back at ard midnite....

Day Five

Slept like a log till 111am... hahahaha... had an idle day..went walking ard ximenting area till evening time... and had dinner at shih lin again

Day Six

Nothing much lah... sleep and rest lor... coz coming back to singapore in the afternoon mah

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