November 13, 2008

Fresh Off The Boat

My Mom is a Fob: Funny Asian Mother Jokes and Quotes.

Meaning of Fob?

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FOB stands for “fresh off the boat,” and is a term often used to describe Asian immigrants who just aren’t quite on track with American culture. You know, if your family still eats Peking duck instead of turkey on Thanksgiving, owns a giant cleaver, and takes 20 more napkins than you need at KFC? That’s fob status — and for the record, we aren’t ashamed. My drawer at home is full of silverware… from Chipotle. My mother taught me everything I know.

Okay, speaking seriously now: we don’t mean “fob” in a derogatory sense whatsoever. I mean, we’re pretty fobby ourselves (come on, we know some of you out there have owned Totoro pajama sets too — no?) It’s totally tongue in cheek. We’re not trying to make fun of our moms — we think they’re freakin’ adorable, and we want to showcase those precious moments to a community of 2nd-generation Asian American kids who know exactly what it’s like to be on the receiving end of that amazing, unconditional, and sometimes misspelled love. We heart our moms for everything they are: grammatical atrocities, awkward sex talks, and all.

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