November 19, 2008


Today is a special day.

Not because i forgot my HP like someone else
Not because it rained.
Not becaused they served us curry for lunch today.

It is my Dad's Birthday.

31 July 2008 marks the anniversary of my Dad's passing.

Today would have been his 70th birthday.

And i m at a lost for words as i type this entry.

There are many things i want to tell him. Many things i want him to do. Many things i hope he cna advise. Many things i hope he will tell me to go take a drink and sweep it under the carpet as he will take care of it.

Many many many things... ...

I wanna blog about the things i did this morning before i came office.
I wanna blog what i saw at the columbarium.
I wanna blog how i woke up late, how i hurriedly rushed through stuff just to hit office at 9am for meetings and only to forget my mobile.

All i wanna say is really...

How much i miss his tobacco smell.
How much i miss coming home to him watching TV.
How much i miss reading Chinese newspapers.
How much i miss someone nagging at me to clean my room.

In reality, how much i miss him.

1 comment:

Seng said...

sweet entry there bro.

it's true, sometimes we only start to appreciate the things around us when they are gone... kinda like freedom in the SAF