December 27, 2008

ma si wa wu ji pa ban

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i am a Magikal Piece of Sai.

generally what i do is try to be there when SaiKias whom i am Guardian Sai to are feeling down and unhappy in hopes that they would not lau baksai. or generally just be there to annoy the sai out of people.

today is one day after boxing day, how's everyone doing?


YOU, clever people, must be wondering why am I asking that question.

"as a Guardian Sai, aren't you supposed to be like, i don't know, updated on the events of people?" you question dismissively as you buff your nails on your shirt.

well unfortunately, my dear friends, i am only a Joonear Guardian Sai. so I am far away from the ones whom i am supposed to be Guardian Sai of to further my education in the field of SaiKang. if i don't, i might be demoted to be KaoSai. or even worse *whispers* like him *points at JiaoSai who is crying silently in a crushed tissue*

YOU, smart readers, may also be asking why am I invading JF's blog.

JF is one of my SaiKias.

And because of the aforementioned reason, it is hard for me to be there for him when he lau baksai (or even simply lausai) or to annoy the sai out of him. I have tried speaking to him over SaiTelHub1 Communications or Man-Sai Network but it is hard because this SaiKia always BUSY ah AWAY ah. I think he don like his personal Joonear Guardian Sai anymore. *sobs!*

NEVERTHELESS!! a Joonear Guardian Sai must do what a Joonear Guardian Sai is supposed to do.

this humble Joonear Guardian Sai appeals to all 乡情父老 to look after this SaiKia for it okay? and also appeals to mr. SaiKia himself to look after himself and sometimes be evil and not to be so nice until people like some Scum that People Scrape Off the Soles of their Shoes try to bully him. and to please know that there is a TWAPUISAI who cares for him!


HUGS! :)


darkelfin said...

wat the fark u toking about??

YuNz- said...

how come this sounds like something cake would write?