December 26, 2008

Nuffnang Vpost Xmas Party [late entry]


I won the entries to the Party by blogging about it.

Was abit annoyed at the fact that they later juz randomly gave out tickets to some preferred bloggers.. Favoritism... or rather hit-tism

Anyways i just got in and at the entrance my santarinas hopped out

I was Evil Santa for the night... complete with Horns and Fag.

hee... anyways i was standing around moping at the taste in music.. and the lack of drinks... someone came up to me.. it was cakee

She mistook me for another person... but noentheless we still had our pictures taken..

Well, my highlight of the night was Jayden.
this si his video which i copied off his site (Kudos to Jayden for being the soul of the night.. i mean it totally bro.)

[Update: I've replaced the original with this that has my voice edited. Sorry! I just can't stand my horrible singing.]

Nuffnang Bells
Who ever have thought that
Blogging can be so fun
Go to free movies
And blogger events

Nuffnang tells me now
I can use vPOST to shop
I don't have to worry 'Cos
It's a service by SingPost oooh

I buy this and buy that
Online shopping saves time
vPOST makes me v(ery) kiasu
As I can buy everything now

Globeshopping without globehopping
Get your mouse clicking
Give us the tix to DXO
'Cos it's blogger Christmas day.

The night really ended when the lucky draw was over.. at least for me.. hahaha.. so i took off with a goody bag...

They gave us Personalised Stamps.. woohoo~.. if u received something with my face on it, dun throw it away okay..wait for me to autograph then u can frame the envelope liaos

Then i proceeded to Bala for gathering which is another post for another day

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