January 8, 2009

Nudeton Files

I am attempting to start a series beginning 2009 called the Nudeton Files.

Coz I have a co-worker called Orbitkanasai who is constantly driving me nuts. Refer to here
The entire 2 Jan from noon till midnight, he shifted his laptop to sit beside me.
Causing a severe case of claustrophobia happening to me, I discovered another alarming and yet disturbing revelation after coming back from the year end break


Why issit that he has to rout his head while talking in an heavy accent.


They not only rout their heads; they also like to tell long grandmudder stories in their accent(s).


Literally, the person-in-question is supposed to be my supervisor and senior and supposedly to be better than me, called me up on my off-day and gave me the run-around and then finally telling me wat it is after 15-20mins. iLost the mood for sleep.

All characters appearing in this blog are fictitious including the blogger himself.

Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is absolutely purely accidentally coincidental.


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