January 9, 2009

Nudeton Files

Today new lesson… Time difference…

Lu Ren Jia: Its 3pm in $ingap0re… then

Nudeton: *looking up form my monitor screen* ermm…  why dun u check it out somewhere

Lu Ren Jia: *smiles* then what time is it in US

Nudeton: *looking abit frustrated;still forcing a smile* ermm…  probably 12midnite, why dun u check it out on google

Lu Ren Jia: O!

Nudeton: *smile morphing into a half sneer soon* hee~ hee~

Lu Ren Jia: so is it in pst or… ….  

Nudeton: *sneering now* I dunno.. I ish $ingap0rean…I dun chiak ken tan


All characters appearing in this blog are fictitious including the blogger himself.

Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is absolutely purely accidentally coincidental.


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