July 11, 2011

Being straight fwd isn't always as ez as it seem.

Especially in front of someone whom there're too many unknown variables.

Elusiveness sometimes work better.

But to be truthful. I guess its all lost on me. Like how I always lose the plot when it comes to chasing skirts.

I have never been the man I was. Simply put, ish called Cannot Make It. 1 of my buds tried to convince me to be sleek and suave. Even gave me a book called the game eons back to ask me to be like that.

In all honesty, I do feel that the man portrayed in that book gets the girl but in a dishonest way that life doesn't really allows.
Perhaps I am stupid. But I know what I want and how I should get it.

Nt by banter nor by deceit. But simply by who I m and what I am. Even though it counts for naught/nought, life is as such.

Carpe Diem
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