July 11, 2011

The irrevocable me.

just some thots..

1. Everyone is pally and wally when they talk about anything and everything except for money.
2. its difficult to communicate what i want to a certain specific target audience.
3. even the closest friends, might fall out
4. tinking too much at nite keeps 1 awake till insane hours
5. if you tink too much the nite b4, ended up sleeping real late. your nx day will be affected.
6. if point and 4 and 5 happened. you r dead.

For the record, i still tink that textile is a bad location. unless the surroundings change and the owner landscape in the area change as well. Other than the safety of my female friends and their young wards, the rest i tink i m really fine. afterall i did grow up in such environment.

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