February 21, 2005

Top Signs You Should Call Off Your Wedding

This is from my fave webby .. A tribute to jackie's latest "i do i do"


1. Wedding ring is engraved with the words “One ring to rule them all.”

2. You catch your truck driver fiancĂ© learning English from a 16-year old ang mor “teacher”. Yeah, right.

3. Your prospective in-laws all have major tattoos, and strange people keep turning up and addressing your father-in-law as “Tua Tao”.

4. During the wedding ceremony, the groom’s cellphone rings – and he answers it.

5. When the Justice of the Peace/Priest asks if there is anyone who wishes to object to the marriage, the groom’s ex-boyfriend puts up his hand.

6. “I take you, Jasmine, wait, Bee Leng, no, I mean Nancy… uh, sorry, sorry… what’s your name again, ah?”

7. At the end of administering the wedding vows, the Justice of the Peace/Priest asks, “Is that your final answer?”

8. Bride/groom says, “Chope, chope, chope, did you just say ‘till DEATH do us part’?”

9. Your bride is more well-endowed than you.(I don't get this...really)

10. Instead of “I do”, your bride/groom says, after a long pause, “Okay, okay, boh pian, lah.”

11. Groom forgets to take his cigarette out of his mouth when he kisses you.

12. Stripper jumps out of the wedding cake.

13. Bride insists that ‘slimming laxative tea’ be used in the tea ceremony.

14. During the wedding dinner, he sings, “To all the girls I’ve loved before.”

15. At the wedding banquet, the groom replaces the champagne cascade with a “Newater waterfall”.

16. All the tropical seaside honeymoon locations he proposes are offering a “tsunami discount”.

17. Jack Neo is following you around taking notes.

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