October 20, 2005

I saw someone blogged about this.

" First up was his aclaimed close bro-in-Christ mate whom they spiritually grew up with. i asked, got flat rejection with a very self-defending-safeguardexcuse of "what if we langa" i was like PLEASE LA, HE'S WAY MUCH BETTER THAN YOUR AMATUER DRIVING SKILL LA YOU. Okays, probably that didnt come out on the screen. However, yes, i know he's not obliged to our frantic request in the middle of the morning. i held on to that grudge up till now, for you majesty's infomation. "

I was like ... WTH.. hahahaa.. almost fell off my office chair.. Wat happened next was even funnier..

we had this msn conversation...

SH: siao eh
ME: yes baby
SH: yeah
ME: wazzup
SH: nothing.. kena whacked by charbor..for not lending something ^%^&**&^*%^^&%&*(^
ME: huh.. wat happen siah
SH: what a biatch
ME: nt lending car ahh.. Yea.. you were selfish.. haha
SH: if not i exercise self control i whacked her upside down already
SH: i dont believe her man.. she's seriously a bitch la
SH: she wants to publicise this whole thing on her blog.. she better thank God that im not intending to publicise her "affair" on mine
ME: TMD.. u damn fierce.. hahahaha.. but seriously dun la
ME: Wait big scale upheveal
SH: yeah la..
SH: but...
SH: i sent her an sms to let her know how i felt..
ME: hahahaha

Morale of the story.. Never ever offend a woman. Its hazardous to Health

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